Extreme Savings Made by ACL Engineering for Airline maintenance hangers

Extreme Savings by ACL Engineering for Airline maintenance hangers

ACL used the power of data logging to identify air leaks.
The central plant room fed 3 maintenance hangers for aircraft, in March 2017 the average air consumption was 179 Litres/sec, this was reduced to an average air consumption of 54 Litres/Sec by December 2018. Total Savings in pounds was £75,414.00

How did we do this?

First of all we split the hangers into individual air supplies with individual machines, from this we identified a 2 major underground air leaks that was not audible to the human ear, this was rectified at source. We then went around repairing air leaks to valve diaphrams, hoses and switched of areas that were no longer in use.
Following more data logging we identified the exact and correct usage across all 3 hangers, resulting in 2 new air compressors being supplied and installed in August 2018

Noteworthy mention

the existing air compressor was a 75kW variable speed air compressor which we replaced with a 45kW Atlas Copco VSD+, so above mentioned savings were two-fold, 1 because of kW reduction and 2 the identification of the air leaks.

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