Reducing Pressure, Does this save money?

There is a standard statement within our industry that reducing pressure by 1 Bar can equate to 7% savings in kW usage, it was good to put this into practice at long standing ACL Aeronautical customer in Buckinghamshire.

We very simply data logged the system for one week at a 7 Bar setpoint working pressure, then at 6.5 Bar for the second week.


The usage was not exactly the same but following the analysis of the logging reports was very similar, based on each week x by 52 weeks the monetary difference was £1,583.00 for one year, equating to a 10% saving potential.

ACL used the power of data logging to identify the pressure reduction ratio.

Noteworthy mention

Due to the innovative design and output of the new Atlas Copco VSD+ you can see the dramatic difference in below picture for the footprint, the smaller VSD was installed 2 years ago to take over from the larger VSD.

ACL are always looking to reduce carbon footprint, give us a call to find out more.



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