Fire Protection - London Data Centre

ACL Engineering provided design, supply, lift/shift, install and commission to Atlas Copco water cooled air compressors for new data centre in London in partnership with Active Air.

The on site basement location meant that the air compressors were supplied in water cooled option as opposed to air cooled.

The testing part of the project was offloading and positioning the equipment. There was no on site fork truck so with the assistance of JEP Industrial we arranged for them to bring a hi-ab and fork truck, along with their array of equipment for moving heavy plant, we had two compressors and an air receiver in position on the same day.

  • Mechanical install was in the versatile Atlas Copco AIRnet aluminium pipe
  • Cooling was provided by on site installed chilled water systems.
Water cooled air compressors

Fire Prevention 

Fire must have three elements; ignition, oxygen and fuel. Removing any one of these three will prevent fire. In most cases, fire obtains its oxygen from the air.  This means that fire can also be prevented by reducing the oxygen in the surrounding air.

Together with the Atlas Copco GA45+FF and the specified oxygen reducing system from Active Air the oxygen percentages are set to 15% in order to provide a safety factor and safe environment

On site BMS is linked to all equipment and each air compressor is covered under the 7 Year Guardian scheme complete with Smartlink monitoring.

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