Energy Efficient Compressed Air Systems

Compressed air is used widely throughout the UK industry to power equipment such as process machinery, valves, actuators, and hand tools. Although it is very convenient, and sometimes essential for safety reasons, compressed air is very expensive to generate. Because it is costly to produce it should not be wasted, and cheaper and more efficient alternatives should be used where possible, for instance looking for more energy-efficient compressed air systems.

The best solutions to reducing energy

compressed air energy efficiency

Did you know

  • That air compressors can be used for heating water for various applications such as heating, hot water and process
  • This is available by the installation of an integral or stand-alone energy recovery system, the ROI is impressive, contact our office for more information and potential savings



Many systems waste up to 30 per cent of the compressed air through:

  • leaks – in most cases, reducing leaks is the most important energy-saving action you can take
  • misuse – because it’s so convenient and easy to use, compressed air is often used when it shouldn’t be, for example for cleaning machinery
  • poor maintenance – a well-maintained compressed air system needs less energy to deliver the required pressure
  • poor system control – making adjustments to the system can reduce energy consumption, for example by controlling individual compressors with electronic sequential controllers or using an automatic shutdown control

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