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Are you aware of the costs which can arise from having an inefficient compressed air system? Here at ACL Engineering we offer a FREE compressed air system audit where we will be able to assess your and discover whether there are any ways in which performance could be improved. This could be a change to a more efficient air compressor, reducing working pressures, new pipework or repair of air leaks, we can offer you a cost effective solution. Our dedicated team are passionate about providing the best solutions for your business and committed to keeping your energy and production costs down to a minimum.


Did you know that reducing your systems working pressure by just one bar could result in energy savings of as much as 7%? When you add this up across the year, you could be missing out on some significant savings.


With ACL you’ll be able to manage your air systems energy efficiency, meeting environmental standards such as ISO 50001 and ISO 14001, with a simple, non-intrusive inspection. We will provide you with a comprehensive report on your systems status, offering advice on where you could save costs and increase productivity without any additional commitments or obligations.

Our compressed air system audits are fast and efficient, so they will not interfere with your working day. By investing nothing more than a little of your time, our engineers could provide you with the solution you didn’t realise was available and potentially save you thousands of pounds per year.


To find out where your business could cut costs and save money, for FREE, get in touch with us here at ACL today to book your compressed air system audit.

Free compressed air check

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