Atlas Copco GX2 – 11

ACL Engineering is an authorised distributor of Atlas Copco, the world’s leading manufacturer of compressed air systems, compressors, air quality treatment and aftermarket services.

The GX2-11 models are air cooled, single stage, silenced, oil-injected rotary screw compressor packages that include the following equipment:

  • Atlas Copco compression element
  • IP55 TEFC drive motor
  • Electro-pneumatic regulation
  • Start / Stop Switch
  • Emergency Stop Button
  • Direct on line starter (GX2 – 3)
  • Star delta starter (GX4 – 11)
  • Steel base and acoustic enclosure
  • Integrated refrigerant dryer


Atlas Copco

The Atlas Copco GX 2 - 11 air compressor

Features and Benefits

  Atlas Copco’s oil-injected rotary screw GX compressors are the powerful and reliable industrial screw compressors for small and medium sized industries. The GX compressors are available in various versions (floor mounted, tank mounted, with or without integrated dryer) to provide flexibility.   Plug and play installation In addition to boasting a minimum footprint, the GX series discharges cooling air from the top, allowing placement against the wall or in a corner. The tank mounted GX with built-in dryer reduces space requirements even further, making it ideal if you have limited space at your facility.   Silent operation Atlas Copco supplies GX compressors with full sound enclosures which reduce the sound levels to as low as 61 dB(A).The rotary screw technology minimizes vibration, while optimsed cooling air flow enhances quiet   Compression Element & Drive Arrangement At the heart of the compressor is an Atlas Copco designed and manufactured compression element.The element has an asymmetric profile on the male and female rotors and is belt-driven by an IP55 fan cooled drive motor.

Feature Benefit
Motor overload relay Prevents damage resulting from high motor currents
Compressor temperature Shut – Down Prevents damage resulting from high temperatures at the compressor element outlet
Low operating temperatures Long life and eliminates the need for an aftercooler
Full sound enclosure Reduced sound levels; low as 61 dB(A) GX2 – GX5 and 65 dB(A) GX7 – GX11
One cooling fan Reduced parts & minimal maintenance
Grouped Service Points Simple Maintenance
Thermostatic Valve Prevents condensate forming in the oil

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