Atlas Copco ZT Oil Free Air Compressors

ACL Engineering is an authorised distributor of Atlas Copco, the world’s leading manufacturer of compressed air systems, compressors, air quality treatment and aftermarket services.

There are many different types of compressed air systems on the market, but the Atlas Copco ZT oil free air compressor has been built with the latest technology in mind.


The ZT (air cooled) and ZR (water cooled) are standard Atlas Copco two-stage rotary oil free motor driven compressors, based on tooth technology, for producing ‘Class Zero’ certified oil free air as per ISO 8573-1.


Built according to proven design standards and suitable for industrial environment, the design, materials and workmanship ensure quality and performance. Offered in a silenced canopy, it includes all necessary controls, internal piping and fittings to deliver oil free compressed air at the desired pressure.


Also available with VSD – Variable Speed Drive.


Pack compressors are built up with the following major components:

  • Inlet silencer with integrated air filter
  • Load/no-load valve
  • Low-pressure compressor element
  • Intercooler
  • High-pressure compressor element
  • Aftercooler
  • Electric motor
  • Drive coupling
  • Gear casing
  • Elektronikon® regulator
  • Safety valves

Oil Free Air Compressor ZT


Features and Benefits


Air / Oil Flow

Air drawn in through air filter and the open inlet valve of the unloader assembly is compressed in the low-pressure compressor element and discharged to the intercooler. The cooled air is further compressed in the high-pressure compressor element and discharged through the aftercooler. The machine controls between load and unload & machine restarts with smooth operation.


Condensate Drain System

Compressor: Two condensate traps are installed on the compressor itself: one downstream of the intercooler to prevent condensate from entering the high-pressure compressor element, the other one downstream of the aftercooler to prevent condensate from entering the air outlet pipe.


Dryer: Full-Feature compressors with an ID dryer have an extra condensate trap in the heat exchanger of the dryer. Full-feature compressors with an IMD dryer have two additional electronic water drains.


Electronic water drains (EWD): The condensate is collected in the electronic water drains. The benefit of EWD is, it is no air loss drain. It opens only once condensate level is reached thus saving compressed air.


Oil System
Oil is circulated by pump from the sump of the gear casing through the oil cooler and oil filter towards the bearings and the gears. The oil system is equipped with a valve that opens if the oil pressure rises above a given value. The valve is located before the oil filter housing. It is important to note that in the complete process no oil comes in contact with the air, hence ensures complete oil free air.


Cooling System


ZT compressors are provided with an air-cooled oil cooler, an intercooler and an aftercooler. An electric motor driven fan generates the cooling air.

ZR compressors have a water-cooled oil cooler, an intercooler and an aftercooler. The cooling system includes three parallel circuits:

  • The oil cooler circuit
  • The intercooler circuit
  • The aftercooler circuit

Each of these circuits has a separate valve to regulate the water flow through the cooler. Compressors with an IMD dryer have an air-cooled regeneration air cooler.


Air Dryer (Full-Feature models)

Full-Feature compressors are provided with a dryer which removes moisture from the compressed air. Two dryer types are available: a refrigerant-type dryer (ID dryer) and an adsorption-type dryer (IMD dryer).