Compressed Air Blowers

Built to ensure complete product safety, Atlas Copco ZS compressed air blowers guarantee a continuous, highly reliable, energy-efficient and 100% oil-free air supply for years on end in all your applications.

A blower solution for all your needs

Unique range of products to optimize the reliability and efficiency of your low pressure applications. Our broad range of technologies ensures we have the right products to meet your requirments.


Our continuous drive for energy efficiency

As energy represents the major cost in the lifecycle of air blowers, we develop the most energy-efficient and innovative technologies, helping you save money and reduce your environmental impact.


No risk of oil contamination

Our oil-free screw and magnetic bearing direct drive centrifugal blowers are ISO 8573-1 Class 0 certified: no oil from our products will ever contaminate your production process.


The standard in food and beverage air compressors

Whether for sorting and ejecting, mixing, aerating substances, or inflating and stuffing products, compressed air for food and beverage applications must be absolutely clean and free of contamination. Only oil-free compressors can guarantee absolute air purity, and eliminate any chance of air-based contamination.


Setting a new energy-efficient standard

In wastewater treatment plants, blower systems consume up to 70% of the total energy. We can help reduce your energy costs. As the first manufacturer to introduce the oil-free screw technology in wastewater treatment, we are committed to lower you energy usage significantly.


Reducing the carbon footprint of wastewater treatment

The demand for water increases while resources are reduced: efficient water management becomes increasingly important. Our blowers are completely free of oil, which is of critical importance. Contamination is just not acceptable when re-using water for other applications or keeping bacteria and microorganisms in sludge processes alive.


Oil-free compressed air for all textile applications

Reliable compressed air is crucial in advanced textile manufacturing processes today. Decades of partnering with the world’s leading textile manufacturers has given us a keen sense of what is exactly required in the textile industry, for many different applications. Oil-free air protects your equipment from damage, avoids oil contaminating your precious end-products and it will keep your hard-won reputation safe. It will increase your uptime and productivity, across many applications:

  • air jet weaving
  • spinning including ring, open and air jet spinning
  • man-made fiber production including POY & FDY
  • texturizing
  • winding and dyeing nonwoven textiles
  • pneumatic transport for PET chips
  • waste water treatment

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