Control Systems

ACL Engineering is an authorised distributor of Atlas Copco, the world’s leading manufacturer of compressed air systems, compressors, air quality treatment and aftermarket services.

A properly managed compressed air network will save energy, reduce maintenance, decrease downtime, increase production and improve product quality. Atlas Copco’s ES central controllers are the most efficient way to monitor and control multiple compressors simultaneously as well as dryers and filters.


An ES controller offers one central point of control for your whole compressed air network, ensuring all compressors provide optimum performance for your process. The result is a completely dependable and energy efficient network, giving you peace of mind and keeping your costs to a minimum.

Features and benefits


The best fit for varying demands

Priority management: ES makes sure your most economic and efficient machines are prioritized to reduce downtime and match your workload requirements.


Machine priority sequences

Normal priority sequence: In the normal priority sequence, newer machines are prioritized over older, less effective models


Temporary priority sequence: In the temporary priority sequence, older machines can be temporarily prioritised to avoid long periods of non-usage,cutting down the risk of machine faults.


Workload priority settings: ES can prioritise machines in an installation to find the most economically efficient way to suit different workload demands in different periods.


Variable working pressure, maximum savings

Multiple pressure set point (centrally controlled) Compressed air networks that don’t adapt to this fluctuating demand can waste energy. With ES you can manually or automatically create two different pressure bands to optimise energy use within different periods, avoiding costs during nonproduction hours.


The most suitable product mix at all times Flow controlled product selection: ES automatically selects the ‘best size’ compressor mix according to your fluctuating demand for maximum energy savings.


Reduced maintenance costs

Equalising running hours: Comprehensive and flexible machine sequence control lets installed machines work in groups, allowing running hours to be equalized. ES ensures that system running hours are equal across all machines in the same group. This reduces service costs because all machines can be serviced at the same time requiring fewer service visits.


Stable process, lower energy consumption

Reduced pressure band: Without a central controller, a complete compressed air installation has to work in a pressure cascade with a large pressure band. ES central controllers keep your network running within a narrow, predefined pressure band. This increases the stability of the process and optimizes overall energy consumption.


Maximize your savings: Energy can represent over 70% of a compressor’s lifecycle cost, and energy consumption can account for more than 40% of a plant’s total electricity bill. For these reasons, optimizing energy consumption is essential. ES central controllers ensure your compressed air network matches your precise needs, optimizing your energy usage and minimizing your energy costs.


Continuous operation and high uptime

Online monitoring: Thanks to ES, you can control and monitor your complete compressed air network over the LAN. Features include warning indications, compressor shutdown warning and maintenance scheduling.

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