Variable Speed Technology

The supply frequency from the inverter to the electric motor, is steered by the air demand. When the air demand is low, the frequency is reduced, thereby slowing down the motor and reducing compressor output. When demand is high, the process is reversed. This method ensures a perfect match between both the air demand and air supply, in turn dramatically cutting down energy requirements. Find out below just some of the advantages of variable speed technology and how it could benefit you.


  • Pressure is kept at a stable level
  • As a general rule 1 bar pressure = 7% power consumption
  • Machine is not running in unloaded state
  • *The consumed power is linked to the air demand
  • Eliminates the current peaks that exists in the start phase (YD)
  • No over-dimensioned electrical cubicle in the customer’s site, no additional penalties requested by some energy suppliers.

*Example:- GA55 VSD running at 50% would consume 33kW, at low speed 30% this is 15kW. At all speeds the compressor is making air to maintain the set point pressure demand.

Reduced energy costs

Our GA compressors can reduce your energy costs and overall compressor lifecycle costs thanks to the use of our highly efficient element. Furthermore, the GA Variable Speed Drive technology (VSD) reduces energy costs by a further 35% by automatically adjusting the air supply to your air demand with a large turndown operating range.

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