Industrial Vacuum Pumps

Meeting an ever-growing need for industrial vacuum pumps.

Industrial vacuum pumps are critical in a wide variety of applications – and the need for vacuum continues to grow, for example in the development of high-tech composite materials used in wind farms, aircraft manufacture etc.


Atlas Copco has been developing state-of-the-art high-end vacuum solutions for many years. We have a market-leading status in the ongoing innovation of gas compression techniques such as screw, claw and scroll. Our vacuum specialists are constantly improving the performance of our products, targeting new application areas, and meeting new challenges.


The result is a wide portfolio of vacuum pumps that consistently help our customers become more efficient by lowering the cost of ownership, increasing sustainable productivity and enhancing final product quality.


We hope that this introductory brochure will give you a clear understanding of vacuum, the different technologies involved, the most common general vacuum applications, and the benefits of centralised vacuum. More specific information on our vacuum pumps, capabilities and services is available from your local Atlas Copco distributor ACL Engineering.


What’s your application?

Below are some of the most common general vacuum applications for oil-sealed rotary type vacuum pumps. Most of these applications require a pressure limit around 1 – 0.1 mbar (hPa) and demand vacuum and compressed air simultaneously in the machine. Some applications also use nitrogen and oxygen in the process. In this case Atlas Copco’s NGP and OGP products are recommended. Looking beyond the supply of air, Atlas Copco is your partner on the road to sustainable productivity.



– Food processing: general packaging, cheese processing, vacuum cooling of produce.

– Meat packing: fresh and cooked meat, poultry, modified atmosphere packaging, tumbling, filling and sealing.



– CNC cutting and routing, loading and unloading systems.


Rubber and plastics:

– Thermoforming applications, extruder barrel degassing, mold degassing, material handling.


R&D systems:

– Central laboratory vacuum.



– Pick and place components, PCB manufacture, central vacuum systems.


Material handling:

– Vacuum lifting, pick and place, bulk material transfer, pneumatic conveying, bottling, canning, vacuum sewage.


Paper and printing:

– Presses (sheet fed, offset, etc.), bindery equipment including stitching lines and perfect binding, newspaper production, envelope machines.


Medical and surgical vacuum:

– Chest/lung drainage, removal of excess blood during surgery, collection of bodily fluids, gastric emptying, liposuction etc.


Ceramics and brick-making:

– Handling and extruding.



– Ground remediation etc.


If your application is not listed, contact your local ACL Engineering to discuss the suitability of our general industrial vacuum pumps for your specific application.

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