Here at ACL Engineering, we have over forty years of experience working in the air compressor industry. We have provided our expertise to a range of companies across the automotive, manufacturing, food, textile and chemical industries. Whether we are installing new compressors or repairing existing ones, our team of expert engineers are on hand to help.


Our Compressed Air Services

Our dedicated team are trained by the manufacturers themselves to ensure that you receive the highest standard of service, no matter which of our services you require.








Comfort Air

Services and repairs

We can provide a range of service packages, tailored to suit your needs and can also repair any existing problems on your current system.



Complete maintenance 

Our complete maintenance solution will ensure that your machine remains in working condition.




Spare parts

For those machines that have minor issues which are worth repairing, rather than replacing, we can provide you with all of the spare parts you might need to get your machine up and running again.


AIRnet compressed air piping

Air quality testing

We can also provide air quality testing, to ensure that the compressed air you’re receiving is of the appropriate standard.





Air check

Why not make the most of our air check services to ensure that everything is working smoothly and that your compression system is working to meet the requirements of its workload.




Energy efficiency improvements

Is your machine as energy efficient as it could be? Let us take a look, we could save you hundreds of pounds per year on running your machinery.

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