Air compressors play a multitude of important roles in the aerospace industry. They provide a reliable and contamination-free source of energy and contribute to the safe operation and optimal performance of equipment used in and around the aviation sector.

Aircraft manufacture, maintenance & repair

Air compressors provide power for a variety of tasks, plus the operation of air tools including:

  • Ventilation and emptying of aircraft fuel tanks
  • Structural fastening and assembly tasks
  • Blind riveting of fuselage panels
  • Operation of mills, drills and sandblasters
  • Application of paint and coatings
  • Aircraft tyre inflation

Air powered tools for versatility and safety

Air-powered tools have the capability for infinitely variable speed and torque control and can reach a desired speed/torque very quickly. They are often selected for safety reasons because they do not produce sparks and have low heat build-up.

VSD – Variable speed drive for energy efficiency

Variable speed air compressors permit control over usage, so you only create the amount of compressed air needed. This is particularly useful with 24 hour operations where usage can vary considerably at different times of the day.

Safe, versatile and energy efficient air compressor energy

Airport terminal equipment

Many parts of automated baggage handling systems, such as belt or tray conveyor systems, and sorting and baggage claim equipment have components powered by air compressors. Other day-to-day uses of compressed air around airports include open and close mechanisms, for example, automatic doors.

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