Laser Cutting

ACL Engineering is a premier distributor of Atlas Copco products, the only brand that can offer complete compressed air, nitrogen and oxygen solutions, tailor-made for laser cutting.

Nitrogen generation for laser cutting

If you’re looking for ways to decrease the cost of your laser-cut parts, then on-site Nitrogen generation offers the solution where nitrogen is required.

Atlas Copco is the only manufacturer that offers an end-to-end solution for laser cutter nitrogen gas including compressors, quality air equipment, nitrogen generators and boosters.

This plug and play solution is sized to match your system requirements, so you never need to change bottles during valuable production hours. No oxide edge, high purity 99.999% gas available.

Reduce utility costs by up to 75% with our cutting laser gas systems

Oxygen generation for laser cutting

Gas supply is an essential part of laser cutting but also the most expensive, however, depending on the type and the thickness of the material being cut, compressed air can be used as a cutting gas instead. Furthermore, it can give faster cutting rates and increased throughput.

Compressed air production costs are only one-quarter of the cost of supplying nitrogen or oxygen – saving up to 75% on utility costs!

Many businesses already have compressed air on-site which can be connected via network if appropriate.

Years of experience, tailor-made solutions

A clean laser stream is vital for the cutting process to prevent irregularities or jaggedness to the cut. Each laser manufacturer specifies the air quality requirements to suit the unique features of their laser cutting machine.  Since laser cutting is a key market for Atlas Copco, their cutting gas solutions are specifically fine-tuned for these processes, are highly efficient, deliver high purity, as well as being easy to install and maintain.

In-house Nitrogen Generator Installation

ACL Engineering put together a quotation to supply, install and commission an Atlas Copco Nitrogen Generator system that was combined on one Skid* complete with a fixed price Guardian planned maintenance package that offered the correct maintenance schedules for 7 Years and covered them for any breakdowns.


We are experts in laser cutter gases – speak to our team about how we can reduce your costs