Compressed air plays an important role in the brewing industry and is needed throughout the brewing process, along with vacuum pumps, and gases such as nitrogen.

Energy efficiency and reliability

Energy costs are a significant portion of an air system’s total cost. Given the scale of use of compressed air systems within the brewing process, it’s essential to select an energy efficient solution and to ensure it remains so.

ACL Engineering can evaluate your requirements, taking into account scale, noise management and other constraints, to specify the most effective and energy efficient system for your needs whether you’re a large, micro or craft brewery. We can also provide ongoing support and maintenance to keep your system running smoothly.

Compressed usage air in brewing:

Compressed air provides the energy for many purposes:

  • Supplies oxygen to bacteria during the fermentation process (aeration)
  • Assist clarifying via a pressure-driven centrifuge to remove solids
  • Used to move beer from the conditioning tank to the bottle (pneumatic transportation)
  • Used for keeping the lines clean
  • Powers the bottling machinery necessary to fill the bottles, cans and kegs
ACL can assist with design, installation, maintenance & repair

On-site nitrogen generation

Transportation of liquid nitrogen cannisters is expensive, so it is far more cost and energy efficient to generate nitrogen on-site. It is also possible to reduce O2 usage by replacing it with nitrogen e.g. in blanketing and purging. Overall this approach is more reliable/controllable and safer.

Minimum oxygen output

Oxygen that finds it’s way into beer affects the quality. Atlas Copco Nitrogen Generators provide you with the industry’s lowest air factors as standard – as low as 1.8 (95% N2 purity) to 5.4 (99.999%).

ACL Engineering have experience in the brewing industry