Industrial Chillers

ACL Engineering specifies and installs Atlas Copco industrial chillers that will provide the right fit for your purposes, taking into account cooling temperature, flow and pressure, ambient temperature and spatial constraints – air flow is key to effective operation.

Industrial process water cooling

Industrial chillers are an essential part of many manufacturing procedures. They play an important role in removing heat from temperature-sensitive equipment helping to guarantee up-time and continuity of services. A chiller saves water and other associated costs by recirculating and re-using the plant’s own water supply.

Size matters

Correct specification is important when selecting a chiller. Too small and the appropriate level of cooling cannot be achieved, too large and the system will not run at a cost-efficient level.

Atlas Copco’s TCX chillers

The TCX series are specially designed for cooling water (or a water/glycol mix) for a wide range of industrial processes, including food and beverage, machine cooling, medical, pharmaceutical, plastics, and printing.

They provide an integrated all-in-one and ready to use solution for on-site quick installation. Once installed, components are easy to access and service: the refrigeration system is in the front and the cooling water circulation assembly in the back.

Atlas Copco's state-of-the-art condensers require 30% less refrigerant, making the units more environmentally friendly


Model range Type Kw range Cooling Capacity
Model rangeTCX4A to TCX90A TypeProcess Kw range1.3Kw TO 39.8Kw Cooling Capacity13 to 441 BTU/hr Download pdf

Atlas Copco TCX Cooling chiller

  • High energy efficiency
  • High reliability
  • Compact all-in one solution
  • Rapid plug-and-play installation
  • SMARTLINK24/7 monitoring compatible
  • Maintenance contracts available


Atlas Copco is a recognised industry leader, whose air compressor products provide robust solutions that are innovative, reliable and energy efficient.

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