Digital Air Leak Detection

ACL Engineering is pleased to introduce a new service designed to precisely find, quantify and eliminate air leaks in your air compressor systems.

Accurate deduction of air leaks leads to a reduction in energy consumption and costs, as well as minimising CO2 emissions.

Leak Management

The compact and flexible device ensures the detection of even the smallest compressed air leaks. Leaks are captured on a visual display and can also be perceived by acoustic signals via headphones – gas molecule friction generates noises not generally audible to the human ear.

The system is calibrated in advance by entering the system pressure, Kw/h costs, and annual operating hours. Leaks are tagged and labelled, and data is stored by the device. Potential savings are calculated in real-time, providing immediate feedback.

Following the survey, remedial repairs and replacement parts are quoted for, which will result in savings for the future.

Smart software and reporting

Collected data can be exported for analysis and output to structured, automated reports rapidly delivering a result ready for action. Individual leaks are detailed in order of urgency.

Eliminate leaks, reduce energy usage, increase energy efficiency

Optimise compressed air consumption

Energy efficiency is high on every business agenda and over time many systems will develop leaks as a matter of course. Leak detection and management is an essential part of your compressed air system maintenance and strategy.

Book your digital leak detection service today and ensure your compressed air system is as air tight and energy efficient as possible.