Oil-Free Air Compressors

Oil-free air compressors are important where air quality is a high priority, in critical environments such as food and beverage production, petrochemical processing and electronic manufacturing, ensuring that no oil contaminates the processes.

100% Pure Clean Air

Atlas Copco Oil-free compressors provide 100% pure, clean air that meets the ISO 8573-1 CLASS 0 (2010) standard. CLASS 0 means zero risk of contamination; zero risk of damaged or unsafe products and zero risk of losses from operational downtime.

Atlas Copco ZT air-cooled oil-free screw compressors

The ZT industrial oil-free compressor range is designed for high-efficiency performance. Offering 100% oil-free air and excellent heat transfer in a low-noise unit. The VSD models deliver up to 35% energy saving, cutting the lifecycle cost of the compressor by 22% on average. Compatible with the Elektronikon® controller for maximum control and optimum output.

Atlas Copco AQ water-injected oil-free screw compressors

The AQ series of water-injected compressors deliver best in class for energy efficiency where reliability and purity are paramount. The super cooling capabilities of water ensures that heat is removed at the source, generating more air per kW of power.

Atlas Copco SF and SF+ oil-free scroll compressors

The SF and SF+ series air compressors deliver absolutely pure oil-free air with supreme energy efficiency.

These compact units encompass the element, drive motor, aftercooler and starter in a super silent acoustic enclosure ideal for installation into your work environment. The air-cooled scroll element offers proven durability and reliability in operation.

The SF+ also features advanced Elektronikon® control.

SF Oil-free benefits

  • Pure oil-free air – No metal-to-metal contact between the compression scrolls means that there is no need for oil lubrication in the compression chamber. Therefore, the scroll compression principle guarantees high-quality, oil-free air.
  • Energy efficiency – IE3 Premium efficiency motors, are suited for sensitive applications which require flexibility and energy efficiency. Advanced scroll technology guarantees optimal free air delivery and low duty cycle applications.
  • Extremely low noise level – Sound levels are as low as 53 dB(a), making the SF the perfect choice for your sensitive working environment.
  • Simplicity and reliability – A minimal number of moving parts ensures a long operating life with limited service interventions.
  • Peace of mind – For over sixty years, Atlas Copco has been leading the industry in oil-free compressed air technology, drawing on vast experience and continuous technological innovations.

Atlas Copco LF & LZ industrial oil-free aluminium piston compressors

Designed for smaller applications, the LF compressor series provides the best possible quality air cost-effectively in a versatile range of compact units.

Built for high performance and a long lifetime, these small-capacity work horses provide a reliable, oil-free solution for low air demands. They ensure highly energy-efficient compressed air production thanks to the Atlas Copco patented Super-flow compressed air inlet system.

A small footprint allows for flexible installation in the tightest spaces.

Delivering 100% air purity for critical environments


Model range Type Kw range Capacity FAD range
ModelAtlas Copco ZT15 to ZT55VSD TypeScrew Kw range15kW to 55kW Capacity FAD range30.4 to 143.7 litres sec Download pdf
ModelAtlas Copco ZT55 to ZT90VSD TypeScrew Kw range55kW to 90W Capacity FAD range122.3 to 157 litres sec Download pdf
ModelAtlas Copco AQ15VSD to AQ55VSD TypeScrew Kw range15kW to 55kW Capacity FAD range21.4 to 157 litres sec Download pdf
ModelAtlas Copco SF1 to SF22+ TypeScrew Kw range1.5kW to 5.5kW (x4) Capacity FAD range1.9 to 40.8 litres sec Download pdf
ModelAtlas Copco LFx0.7 to LFx2.0 TypePiston Kw range0.55kW to 1.5kW Capacity FAD range1.02 to 2.53 litres sec Download pdf
ModelAtlas Copco LF2 to LF10 TypePiston Kw range1.5kW to 7.5kW Capacity FAD range3.1 to 15.5 litres sec Download pdf
ModelAtlas Copco LZ7 to LZ20 TypePiston Kw range5kW to 15kW Capacity FAD range11.1 to 31 litres sec Download pdf


Atlas Copco is a recognised industry leader, whose air compressor products provide robust solutions that are innovative, reliable and energy efficient.

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