Air Dryers

Many tools, equipment, and processes driven by compressed air are intolerant of water or moisture. Moisture finds its way into the compressed air circuit as condensation. The quantity varies as a result of inlet conditions, ambient air quality and pressure.

Atlas Copco air dryers remove moisture from the air providing clean, dry air, to protect and extend the life of your equipment and ensure the quality of your products. Each dryer system:- refrigerated dryer, adsorption dryer and membrane dryer, uses its own technique.

Refrigerant Air Dryers

Refrigerant air dryers are the most commonly used dryers in the industry and consist of an air-to-air heat exchanger and an air-to-refrigerant heat exchanger. The heat exchangers remove moisture from compressed air by condensation of the water within.

Atlas Copco FX & FD Series Refrigerant Dryers

Reliability and cost efficiency are the hallmarks of the FX & FD industrial refrigerant air dryers. They deliver a strong performance with a steady pressure dew point (with digital display), no freezing of condensed moisture, effectively eliminating the risk of moisture entering your compressed air system. Easy to install, they feature a long service ensuring low maintenance costs.

Adsorption Air Dryers

Adsorption dryers consist of two pressure vessels, both filled with desiccant. Only one vessel is active at a time removing moisture from the compressed air. When that vessel reaches saturation point it depressurises to allow fluid to drain off and the task passes to the 2nd vessel until that vessel is saturated, by which time vessel 1 has regenerated and the process is reversed. High adsorption Silica gel is the active desiccant in this range, delivering reliable high adsorption capacity for maximum performance.

Atlas Copco CD⁺ with Cerades™

The CD5⁺ to CD355⁺ is the first dryer range to use the revolutionary Cerades™ desiccant developed and patented by Atlas Copco.

Some innovations change everything. Take Cerades™, the first ever solid desiccant. Developed and patented by Atlas Copco, Cerades™ revolutionises desiccant dryer design, efficiency and performance. And that makes all the difference for you as you enjoy better air quality, lower energy and service costs, and health and environmental benefits.

Atlas Copco CD110⁺ – CD300⁺

CD heatless desiccant dryers use only compressed air as a purge, providing simplicity and reliability in a robust and compact solution.

Atlas Copco BD100⁺ – BD300⁺

BD blower purge desiccant air dryers combine air from an external blower, heat and minimal compressed air, for industrial performance.

Clean, dry air to protect your air compressor equipment, processes and end-products

Membrane Air Dryers

Pre-filters remove moisture, oil and particles from compressed air in the most demanding conditions. Because they are not powered by electricity, Atlas Copco SD dryers function safely in environments that must be explosion-proof such as laboratories, or areas without electrical supply.

Atlas Copco SD range

Ideal for small spaces, and where flexible mounting is required, their ability to withstand high vibration and fluctuating ambient temperatures makes them a versatile solution.


Model range Type Max Pressure range Max Flow range
ModelAtlas Copco FX5 to FX300 TypeRefrigerant Max Pressure range13 to 16 bar.g Max Flow range6 to 300 litre sec Download pdf
ModelAtlas Copco FD5 to FD300VSD TypeRefrigerant Max Pressure rangeall 14 bar.g Max Flow range5 to 300 litre sec Download pdf
ModelAtlas Copco CD1+ to CD5+ TypeDesiccant Max Pressure rangeall 16 bar.g Max Flow range1 to 4.5 litre sec Download pdf
ModelAtlas Copco CD25 to CD260 TypeDessicant Max Pressure rangeall 14 bar.g Max Flow range25 to 260 litre sec Download pdf
ModelAtlas Copco CD110+ to CD300+ TypeDesiccant Max Pressure range11 to 16 bar.g Max Flow range107 to 360 litre sec Download pdf
ModelAtlas Copco CD5+ to CD335+ Ceredes™ TypeDesiccant Max Pressure rangeall 14 bar.g Max Flow range5.5 to 330 litre sec Download pdf
ModelAtlas Copco BD100+ to BD300+ TypeDesiccant Max Pressure rangeall 14.5 bar.g Max Flow range100 to 300 litre sec Download pdf
ModelAtlas Copco SD1 to SD7 TypeMembrane Max Pressure range7 to 13 bar.g Max Flow range3 to 55 litre sec Download pdf


  • Big energy/cost savings – In Cerades™ dryers, the air flows straight through solid tubes for a no-resistance flow and significantly lower energy costs
  • Better air quality – Cerades™ lasts longer to give you better air quality and extended service intervals
  • No desiccant dust – Cerades™ does not decompose and create hazardous dust
  • Installation & operational flexibility – Cerades™ is vibration-resistant and can be mounted horizontally
  • Space saving – Cerades™ dryers are smaller because they can handle a higher airflow
  • Advanced control & monitoring – Elektronikon® Touch control and monitoring system with warning indications, dryer shutdown and maintenance scheduling

Protecting your investment

Compressed air contains oil, solid particles and water vapours, which together form an abrasive, often acidic, oily sludge. Without air treatment, this will enter your compressed air system, corroding pipework, damaging pneumatic tools and potentially compromising final products.

ACL Engineering can specify the correct air drying equipment for your air compressor system. We offer a free system audit to identify air leaks and faults in your system.


Atlas Copco is a recognised industry leader, whose air compressor products provide robust solutions that are innovative, reliable and energy efficient.

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