Nitrogen Generators

ACL Engineering provides expert advice and can manage your nitrogen generator system from design and installation to maintenance and repair. Nitrogen gas is extremely useful in industry as it prevents fast and slow oxidation. An inert, odourless and colourless gas, the number of applications for nitrogen is steadily increasing.

High purity guaranteed

The level of purity needed for nitrogen gas depends upon its use. For most applications, high purity (over 95%) is necessary, a level easily achieved by both Atlas Copco’s Membrane and PSA technologies. Atlas Copco generators can ensure that you reach the exact quality of purity required – up to 99.9999%.

The most cost-efficient source of nitrogen

The greatest source of nitrogen is in the air around us, which is made up of 78% Nitrogen/21% Oxygen, plus some small amounts of other gasses. It is far more cost-efficient to extract nitrogen gas from the air than to transport it in canisters.

Flexible, reliable, cost-efficient, on-site nitrogen gas generation


The New Atlas Copco NGPs 2-9 range is their smallest PSA nitrogen generator. A versatile, low flow solution it ensures a cost-efficient, flexible and reliable nitrogen supply with a purity of up to 99.999%. Designed for continuous duty, it features an advanced monitoring control to meet the requirements from low volume everyday tasks to more demanding applications. Even if you only use 1 cylinder per week you can benefit from this compact, easy-to-use solution.

Atlas Copco NGP10 to NGP1100

Based on Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) technology, Atlas Copco’s NGP/NGP+ nitrogen generators provide a continuous flow of nitrogen. Carbon molecular sieves guarantee high purity suitable for a broad range of applications.

Atlas Copco NGP8+ to NGP1300+

The NGP+ range of premium nitrogen generators offer the completest scope of nitrogen supply at the highest energy efficiency – reducing up to 50% of the running costs compared to other nitrogen generators.

Atlas Copco NGMs1 to NGMs3

The NGM range is the preferred choice for cost-efficient, point-of-use nitrogen generation for low-flow N₂ requirements. This easy to install,  membrane nitrogen generator is compact, reliable and extremely low-maintenance.

Atlas Copco NGM+7 to NGM+70

Membrane technology offers high-quality, reliable, on-site nitrogen generation. Atlas Copco’s new NGM+ raises the bar with exceptionally low air and energy consumption, giving you the lowest cost of ownership on the market today. The NGM+ is compact, quiet and dependable.


Model range Type N² Purity range N² Flow range
Model rangeAtlas Copco NGP2 to NGP9 TypePSA N² Purity range95% to 99.999 N² Flow range0.3 to 18.8 FND Nm³/hour Download pdf
Model rangeAtlas Copco NGP10 to NGP1100 TypePSA N² Purity range95% to 99.999% N² Flow range1.0 to 2645.1 FND Nm3/hour Download pdf
Model rangeAtlas Copco NGP8+ to NGP1300+ TypePSA N² Purity range95% to 99.999% N² Flow range1.5 to 2871 FND Nm3/hour Download pdf
Model rangeAtlas Copco NGMs1 to NGMs3 TypeMembrane N² Purity range95% to 99.5% N² Flow range1.4 to 14 FND Nm3/hour Download pdf
Model rangeAtlas Copco NGM+7 to NGM+70 TypeMembrane N² Purity range95% to 99.5% N² Flow range7.1 to 247 FND Nm3/hour Download pdf


For those requiring greater output, storage and control, the Atlas Copco Nitrogen Generator Skid provides the solution. This all-in-one package is sited on a single, compact skid and tailor-made for specific requirements and end-usages.


Benefits of in-house nitrogen generation

  • Economical source of Nitrogen
  • Purity control up to 99.999%
  • Reliable, continuous supply
  • Low operating costs
  • No transport costs
  • Rapid installation and set up



Atlas Copco is a recognised industry leader, whose air compressor products provide robust solutions that are innovative, reliable and energy efficient.

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