Data Logging

ACL Engineering is an authorised distributor of Atlas Copco, the world’s leading manufacturer of compressed air systems, compressors, air quality treatment and aftermarket services.

Electrical energy is the most common energy source for industrial compressed air production and generally, the energy cost will amount to over 70% of the total cost of ownership. However, in many cases, this cost can be substantially reduced through energy recovery, pressure reduction, leakage reduction, as well as the optimization of operations through correct choice of compressor size, control and regulation system.

The iiTrak offers a simple three step process to analyse and identify the saving potentials of your installation.



iiTRAK energy audit: The iiTRAK is the first step in a simple energy audit, which measures the efficiency of your existing compressed air installation. Combined with your specific future requirements, this data allows us to understand and improve your energy efficiency.



An overview for potential cost savings: Our unique simulation software incorporates the data from the iiTRAK audit and translates it into a clear consumption profile, identifying all potential savings with the figures to match. This simulation uses your installed system as a reference and proposes a system most suited for your current and future air demand. The result is a complete report that makes it very easy to analyze the potential payback on possible future investments.



We will present our recommendations to you: We will advise the best fit solution for your compressed air system, sometimes we can offer piece of mind that your system is energy efficient or select an energy-efficient compressor that matches your compressed air needs based on your specific profile and the results of the data analysis.


Thanks to the innovative Atlas Copco GA VSD technology, the speed of the motor is adapted to the air demand, with energy consumption only when producing air. These compressors also use a set point instead of a pressure band, so there are no losses due to wide pressure band and you can enjoy stable pressure.


With your new GA VSD compressor you will reduce your energy consumption substantially, whilst optimising energy efficiency. In brief, great results for less money.

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