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NEWS: What are the Benefits of Having an AIR Check Carried Out?

Air compressors serve numerous purposes within commercial and industrial environments. While these durable pieces of machinery are quite rugged and reliable, preventative maintenance will still be required in order to ensure that they remain operating at peak levels of efficiency.

In other words, being able to identify minor flaws within such systems will help to eliminate the need for more costly repairs in the future. Why should businesses be concerned with improving compressed air system performance and what are some of the most profound advantages that you can expect to leverage when working together with the team at ACL Engineering?

Dramatically Improving Energy Consumption

There can be times when an air compressor is functioning at a higher pressure than is necessary for the task at hand. Not only is this extremely inefficient, but rising energy costs can erode your profit margins. It has been shown that reducing this pressure by a single bar can cut your rates of energy consumption by as much as seven per cent. Obviously, such savings will quickly add up.

ACL Engineering have qualified engineers that can carry out regular air quality checks

Addressing Minor Mechanical Issues

Your team might not possess the in-house expertise or time required to examine an air compressor for signs of physical wear and tear. As these units have a number of moving parts, addressing these potential problem areas is a sure-fire way to prevent more profound faults. Examples include:

  • Frayed hoses
  • Leaks within a system
  • Worn or damaged gaskets
  • Pipework that needs to be replaced

Some of these issues can be rather difficult to spot; especially if you are not completely familiar with the different parts of a compressor. Our team is able to provide a non-invasive inspection of the unit in order to identify and rectify any compressed air system leaks. You can rest assured that major problems will be averted in advance.

Upgrading to a Newer Unit

There can be times when the repair requirements associated with an older compressor may become too costly and time-consuming. In this case, a professional audit will be able to determine if a new unit is required. Newer compressors are known for their cost-effective designs and they can represent an excellent return on investment. Of course, this advanced level of efficiency will directly translate to in-house productivity. Modern units are likewise constructed with cutting-edge materials, so longevity will never be a concern.

Addressing Reliability and Mitigating any Downtime

It is an unfortunate fact that older compressor models can be plagued with issues revolving around reliability. Perhaps you are not supplied with a steady amount of air pressure. The unit in question could also be drawing too much mains electricity; causing the associated circuit breaker to trip on occasion. Not only is such downtime extremely frustrating, but it can halt an ongoing project in its tracks. Improving compressed air system performance is the best way to address these concerns. After all, an efficient system is one which is capable of meeting the demands of the modern work environment.

Compensating for Harsh Environments

There are times when an air compressor needs to be used within harsh environments. Temperature extremes, particulate matter in the air such as dust and long operational hours will place an excessive amount of strain on the unit and as a result, it may begin to prematurely age. While certain proactive steps such as regular examinations and changing the oil are obviously essential, they might not be sufficient in all cases.

The best way to detect any looming problems is to obtain a professional compressor assessment.

What Does a Compressed Air Audit Involve?

As mentioned previously, these are non-invasive inspections that will be carried out by trained professionals at ACL Engineering. After a thorough examination, we will provide you with a detailed list of all findings. Some information that is contained within such a report includes:

  • The current status of the system.
  • The identification of any problematic areas.
  • Advice on cutting costs and increasing efficiency.

In addition to these subjects, it is important to mention that our team will ensure that your air compressor system meets ISO 50001 and ISO 14001 compliance regulations. You are therefore supplied with the insight and clarity to make an informed decision while saving a significant amount of money over time.

Are you concerned about the current status of your in-house compressed air system efficiency? Perhaps you suspect that it is time for an upgrade.

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