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NEWS: The new GA FLX – Dual-Speed Compressor

A new innovation from Atlas Copco, the GA FLX Dual-Speed Compressor has been designed with sustainability in mind. Its smart dual speed motor reduces energy wastage by minimising transient losses.

Until recently there were two options for air compressors, the original fixed-speed and the -newer and more energy efficient Variable Speed Drive (VSD). Now Atlas Copco introduces a new innovation into the market – the Dual Speed Compressor.

This new range of compressors sits in between the lower purchase cost, fixed-speed air compressor, and the super energy efficient VSD. The Dual Speed Compressor is designed to operate at two motor speeds: maximum speed for high demand and minimum speed when demand is lower. The latter mode decreases energy consumption when air demand drops reducing energy usage by up to 20% as compared with fixed-speed models. Meanwhile it works optimally at any air pressure without compromising on air flow or FAD.

This brings greater flexibility and improved energy consumption to a wider market in a cost-effective energy efficient package – with the benefit of a reduced footprint, allowing this model to be fitted into smaller spaces.

GA FLX dual speed compressor

Double-digit energy saving

The greatest spend on compressed air generation goes on energy costs – up to 80% of the total cost of ownership. Therefore, energy saving is of paramount importance in order to minimise overall operating costs.

The VSD models undoubtedly lead the field where energy efficiency is concerned, but the new Dual Speed Compressors create a new option for much improved energy usage as compared with the fixed-speed compressors.

The GA FLX’s super-efficient drive train is controlled by the best-in-class Atlas Copco Neos Next gearbox and advanced Elektronikon controller for energy efficiency and performance.

Reduces energy usage by up to 20% compared to fixed-speed models

Reduction in transient losses

The term transient loss refers to the energy used by fixed-speed screw compressors during start up and shut down. On start-up, a fixed speed compressor first needs to pressurise itself before it can deliver compressed air to the designated end use. When air demand ceases, a fixed speed compressor needs to offload any remaining pressure before shutting down (blow off). The motor continues to run at full speed until the compressed air is vented from the system.

By comparison, the new Dual Speed Compressor experiences only minimal energy losses thanks to its ability to start up faster with the system under pressure and its minimum unload motor speed when demand decreases.

The GL FLX Benefits

  •  Reduces overall cost of ownership with 20% energy saving
  •  Flexible air flow without loss of pressure
  •  Compact footprint to fit into smaller spaces (50% smaller than its fixed-speed counterpart)
  •  Customised performance with a wide range of options to suit many end uses
  •  Atlas Copco quality, reliability and efficiency


With affordable cost of ownership, reduced energy consumption, flexible pressure settings and a smaller footprint, the new Atlas Copco GA FLX Dual Speed Compressor range is a game changer offering opportunities for a wider range of businesses and applications.

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