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NEWS: Air Compressors London

ACL Engineering, servicing the compressed air needs of the Capital.
For over 40 years, ACL Engineering has been delivering a reliable and responsive service that we are proud to uphold today.

Air Compressor Service London

Our North London, Watford, location, means that our team of skilled engineers are able to easily access and branch out across the capital. We are quick to respond to bring experience and knowledge of air compressor systems, across a wide range of industries.

Our London clients have air compressor demands for a multitude of uses that most people are typically unaware of. Every day, airports, breweries, manufacturing plants, paint spraying facilities, refuse management, water treatment plants and many more services, are making use of compressed air to power key tasks and activities. It is a utility that is essential to so many yet is often out of sight and under recognised.

Air compressors in use in London

Every application is different, but behind the processes and end usage of each business, the underlying principles are the same. ACL aims to ensure that your air compressor or nitrogen system is:

  1. air-tight and leak-free
  2. appropriate to the end needs
  3. sustainable and energy-efficient

Some of our London-based clients

  • University Institute in West London
  • Steel fabrication in North London
  • Food manufacturers in East London
  • Brewery in East London
  • Joinery company in North London
  • Waste incineration plant in South London

FREE Air Compressor Audit

Specifying the correct system is paramount to getting the air compressor equation right. ACL Engineering offer a FREE audit to existing users in London and the Southeast, to check and test the effectiveness and efficiency of your system. Air compressors can be energy intensive therefore it’s important to get the optimum fit. Not infrequently we discover inefficient dated systems that are costing their owners way more than they should. Or we find that the system is either under or over-specified – each causing problems for different reasons. In most cases, these can be addressed cost-effectively.

New installations in London

When installing a new system we start with a Q&A exercise to fully understand the aims and needs of the business and how your air compressor or nitrogen generator will fit into that process, to deliver maximum output at minimum cost. In an age where electrical energy is expensive and everyone is looking for economy, sustainability, and greener credentials – we are passionate about delivering the right solution.

Choose ACL

So if you’re looking for air compressor and nitrogen generator services in London, ACL Engineering are your first choice.
We cater for all requirements:

We’re an Atlas Copco Premier Distributor and for good reason. Atlas Copco represents the best in precision engineering and quality. Their compressors and nitrogen generators are recognised the world over for their innovation and reliability. We also service and repair other brands of air compressors.

Talk to our team about Air Compressor services in London, call 01923 249444 or email or book your FREE AUDIT today.