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NEWS: Air Compressor Spare Parts

Air compressor maintenance and why it makes sense to use genuine spare parts.

Air compressor systems are a key component of a multitude of manufacturing processes and services. In fact, they have so many different applications that it is near impossible to list the thousands of end uses – which is why compressed air is often considered the 4th utility after electricity, gas and water.

The unique qualities of compressed air

Compressed air as a resource has unique qualities including being easily adapted to different tools and machinery making it highly versatile. It allows for the precise control of tools and other devices giving a high level of finesse and finish, and therefore suited to everything from paint spraying, to micro-electronics and pharmaceuticals manufacture.

Where safety is fundamental, compressed air can be used where other energy sources cannot. For example, it can be used where there is a hazard risk such as in an explosive environment where electrical tools could be dangerous. As a power source, it is deemed both clean and safe and is regarded as an environmentally friendly energy source that does not produce harmful emissions.

Compressed air systems are scalable, up or down, making them flexible and adaptable. They are often quieter operationally than their alternative counterparts, as well as being both durable and reliable. It is easy to see why they have such a varied role across so many industries.

The challenges

At the same time, compressed air comes with a cost. The specification, purchase and installation of such a system, including the necessary air network, is often a considerable investment for the average business. Yet, the highest cost over the lifespan of an air compressor system is the electricity that powers it –  sometimes up to 30% of a factory’s electricity consumption. Fortunately, this outlay is offset by increased productivity and output, alongside the safety benefits and environmental sustainability.

Maintenance matters

Wear and tear over time is inevitable with any system, so with consideration of costs at the forefront, effective maintenance and care of an air compressor system becomes paramount. Regular planned preventative maintenance (PPM) is an essential part of the ownership package to ensure operational efficiency and longevity – this in order to deliver the optimum return on investment. When it comes to servicing these systems, the quality of the spare parts used becomes very important.

Genuine air compressor spare parts

Given the level of investment that an air compressor system represents, any replacement part must ideally be of the same high quality as the original. As the saying goes, the sum of the whole is greater than its parts, and using genuine manufacturer spare parts is vital to retain the integrity of the original system. In fact, many manufacturer guarantees insist upon genuine spare parts to validate the warranty.

Worth it?

Here at ACL we are convinced that quality air compressor spare parts are worth it. You are not simply being held to ransom for an unnecessary premium for a part that could be purchased cheaper elsewhere. Our experience, especially with Atlas Copco, has shown us that manufacturer replacement parts are of superior quality, expressly designed for purpose, and worth the extra outlay for the peace of mind – and the continued high functioning of your air compressor system – that you need.

Add to this equation an experienced fitter and you’re in the best possible place to keep your air compressor system in good running order for years to come. If there are any further doubts in your mind, or you have a system other than Atlas Copco, you are welcome speak to our team about your maintenance and spare parts requirements.

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