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NEWS: Introducing the Atlas Copco NGPs 2 – 9 PSA Nitrogen Generators

We review the new compact range of PSA (Pressure Swing Adsorption) nitrogen generators that are small enough to fit just about anywhere!

Versatile and cost-efficient

This new range has something to suit every need even if you use just one cylinder a week. The compact design provides a flexible and reliable nitrogen supply with a flow between 0.3 and 18.8 Nm³/h and up to 99.999% purity levels. If you’ve never considered generating your own Nitrogen in house, this range opens up new possibilities and options and is a very cost-efficient solution.

Performance and Reliability

Although these units are small this does not detract from performance. Designed and engineered for continuous duty, they have the same premium quality build and long life that you’d expect from Atlas Copco, delivering a stable supply of Nitrogen at a guaranteed purity. They are also quiet and won’t contribute to existing noise levels. Standby losses are minimised through smart controls that ensure that no air/energy is wasted. And whilst small, these units are also suitable for diverse and demanding applications.

Examples of use include:

Small enough to fit just about anywhere!

Ease of use

The system is designed to be easy to implement. Ready to use, straight out of the box, they can be added to your existing compressed air supply to immediately start producing N2 on-site.  Say goodbye to downtime due to shortage or lack of supply. Reduce your carbon footprint by eliminating transportation of gas cylinders. Reduce storage space and lower safety risks.

Key benefits

  • Low cost per unit of nitrogen compared to traditional gas cylinders
  • Small footprint and low sound emission
  • Easy to install with no complicated set-up

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The verdict

Overall, this new generation of nitrogen generators is a welcome innovation that will bring on-site N2 production into the realm and reach of many smaller operations without compromising quality or purity. The Atlas Copco NGPs 2 – 9 PSA Nitrogen Generators are already empowering more businesses to improve sustainability, whilst reducing costs.

Atlas Copco NGPs 2 - 9 PSA Nitrogen Generators

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