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NEWS: High-efficiency compressed air and nitrogen gas for brewing

From micro-brewery to craft brewery to large scale production, air compressors and nitrogen generators play a central role in many stages of the brewing process.

Use of air and gas in brewing

Compressed air and nitrogen gas now fulfil a wide range of tasks in breweries across the UK. Along the production line we find air compressors managing, the control of valves and actuators, and powering automated lines for filling, bottling, canning and packaging. From washing kegs and purging CO2 from tanks, to oxygenating beer to assist the fermentation process, air and gas are hard at work.

The importance of air quality in brewing

For some processes oil-lubricated air compressors produce reliable, consistent air of sufficient quality. However, compressed air that comes into direct contact with the end product should meet food-grade BRC (British Retail Consortium) guidelines. For these purposes oil-free air compressors provide 100% oil-free, clean dry air.

Reduce your nitrogen costs

If you’re currently using bottled nitrogen gas, on-site gas generation can reduce your costs to one tenth, representing a considerable saving. Not surprisingly, there has been a rapid uptake of nitrogen generators in the industry for this very reason.

High performance water chillers

Chillers can play a key role in many stages of the brewing process. As an example, the taste of beer is affected greatly by its temperature at fermentation. Maintaining a consistent temperature is key to delivering the distinctive and recognisable flavour of a particular brand of beer.

Proven benefits

Air compressors and nitrogen generators bring many proven benefits to brewing:

  • Robust and reliable source of power
  • High grade, clean, dry 100% oil-free air where needed
  • Dependable, cost-effective, source of nitrogen
  • Ability to fulfil many tasks along the production line
  • Increased productivity and output
  • Reduced risk of contamination
  • Energy efficiency and  cost-saving
  • Compact footprint to fit into the smallest spaces
  • Whisper-quite noise level
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