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PROJECT: 150 kW plant room refurbishment

INDUSTRY: Global manufacturer of sealing and packaging solutions

This plant room was long overdue a refresh, with two dated air compressors – one failed, the other very inefficient. A temporary compressor that had been hired to improve efficiency and provide redundancy was proving a heavy financial burden.


ACL offered a number of services, including:

  • Data logging – allowing the customer to safely downgrade to lower capacity machines (2x 75 kW reduced to 2x 55 kW).
  • Uninstallation and disposal of old plant, air treatment and pipework.
  • Installation of new plant, air treatment and pipework.
  • Partial dismantling and rebuilding of compressor house to allow removal and positioning of equipment.
  • Lifting services to overcome installation obstacles, including other plant and security fences.
  • Food grade oil, filtration and point-of-use desiccant dryers to provide contact air suitable for specific production requirements.
  • WSE provision.



Using ACL’s engineering expertise along with proven subcontractors, we were able to deliver a total start-to-end installation despite a physically challenging location.


  • Reduced plant capacity to lower capex and operating costs.
  • Plant room space freed up for alternative uses if required.
  • More efficient through smaller size, improved drive trains and variable speed drive technology.
  • Full start-to-end installation.
  • Competitively priced.
End-to-end installation in a physically challenging location

ACL Engineering: Air Compressor Specialists

ACL Engineering: Air Compressor Specialists

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