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PROJECT: Compressed Air Pipe Installation

INDUSTRY: Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Workshop

Every element of a compressed system is important to the overall efficiency and energy management of the whole. In this instance, ACL Engineering was called upon to update the pipe system. Outdated pipework leads to air leaks and loss of power, so care was taken to select the most suitable system for the end use.


The project commenced with an initial survey by one of our Sales Engineers.
This determined:

  • precise customer requirements
  • the pipe run distance to enable us to calculate the pipe size
  • the prospective route to fit the pipework
  • the point of use outlet location
  • the type of finish with choices of QRC and FRL
  • correct fixing options
  • access equipment
  • a neat, finished solution, ready to go


Utilising the ACL Team’s experience and technical ability, we were able to select the correct type of pipes at an appropriate size to ensure good airflow and no pressure drop.


AIRnet Aluminium and Stainless Steel are compressed air piping systems that deliver quality compressed air exactly where you need it, from the compressor to the point of use, with the correct pressure and flow. Designed to work in synergy with your air compressor system, AIRnet Aluminium provides a versatile end-to-end solution for optimal performance because it is lightweight, adaptable and easy to fit.

Stainless Steel pipework also provides a versatile solution. It is more robust and threfore suitable for different applications where aluminium cannot be used. For pharmaceutical applications, we can offer de-greased Copper pipe to meet FDA regulations.


We also offer point-of-use ancillaries which include:

  • Retractable Hose Reels
  • Quick release couplings
  • Filter Regulators
  • Lubricators
  • Point of use Carbon Filters

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Correct pipework ensures good air flow and no pressure drop

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