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PROJECT: On-site Nitrogen Generation

Mid-sized craft brewery

On-site nitrogen generators can save time, reduce waste, and cut costs in the long run for many breweries.


With many breweries still suffering the economic impact of Covid lockdowns, efficiency and cost reduction have become a priority. One massive cost is bottled carbon dioxide and/or nitrogen for purging vessels, transferring fluids, and so on.

This customer was looking to significantly reduce the cost of their gases by installing an on-site nitrogen generation system and switching processes to nitrogen where possible.


  • Nitrogen generator system sizing in close collaboration with both the customer and Atlas Copco.
  • Replacement air compressor, both to accommodate the nitrogen generator and provide energy savings for existing compressed air usage.
  • Buy-back of old compressor to reduce overall system cost.
  • Full installation, including ductwork to vent air compressor heat to outside.
  • A choice of finance options to start cost saving as quickly as possible.
Significantly reduce the cost of nitrogen gas supply

Breweries – on-site nitrogen generation


ACL installed a cost-effective membrane nitrogen generator, energy efficient variable speed drive air compressor, and large tank for nitrogen storage. We installed the full system, interconnected with AIRnet aluminium pipe system, and noise-reducing ductwork to keep the neighbours happy.


The customer was able to significantly reduce the cost of their bottled gas supply, as well as their reliance on the same. As an unintended bonus, they were able to reduce the energy cost of their existing compressed air processes.

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