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PROJECT: Manufacturing Services

A leading manufacturer of profiles and trims for ceilings and partitions in Oxfordshire started using ACL Engineering Ltd for the servicing of their 11kW fixed speed air compressors.

We identified from our 1st survey that the customer had no written scheme of examination (WSE) and oil water separator to collect the condensate, both were supplied along with a compressed air survey, the results showing some savings at both sites.

In November 2016 ACL was contacted by the customer to help with the new powder coating paint line they were having installed in early 2017, from the outset there was some confusing, incorrect figures for the proposed compressed air usage leaving the customer and ACL with a guess on machine sizing that would potentially result in an oversized machine choice.

From the average consumption figures provided it was evident that the existing galvanised pipework would be too small and a point of use air receiver was required for the clean down process.

To help the customer with the correct sizing ACL installed a new 40mm Atlas Copco AIRnet aluminium ring main, 900 litre point of use air receiver and an 11kW hire air compressor to run with the existing air compressor, iiTrak data loggers were synchronised and fitted to both for a 2 week compressed air usage survey.

A successful new installation

The results from the survey gave us the exact compressed air usage and the customer purchased an Atlas Copco GA18VSD+FF variable speed air compressor providing savings on electrical usage.

In 1 year we assisted the customer with a written scheme of examination, condensate management and the selection of the correct sized energy-efficient air compressor for the new application.


Atlas Copco AIRnet Aluminium ring main

Atlas Copco AIRnet Aluminium ring main

powder coating paint line

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